This painted rock in Ohio County is part of 120 placements in every county across Kentucky for the Don’t Let Them Die Initiative.

Governor Bevin’s office will begin placing painted rocks around Kentucky this afternoon in order to raise awareness for Kentucky’s opioid epidemic and the “Don’t Let Them Die” (DLTD) initiative.

Painted rock searches, a form of hide-and-go-seek, is a new, wildly popular trend. The concept is simple: volunteers paint and decorate rocks, then place them for others to find. When one finds a painted rock they can photograph themselves with it and then post the photo to their social media outlet of choice. Finders are encouraged to then hide the rock for others to find. The goal is not to find and keep the rocks, but to continue placing them for others to discover.

See the complete story in this week’s edition of the Ohio County Times-News.




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