From Newspaper to Nursing,
Nina Covered it All

Mrs. Nina Galloway looks at bound copies of the newspaper in Hartford

Nina Galloway started with the Ohio County News, in 1953-54, when she graduated high school. The paper, at the time was a combination of two Hartford papers under the direction of Mr. Percy Landrum, publisher. Having worked there for 3-4 years, life progressed, and Ms. Galloway became married and started having babies, but returned to the paper. She said “I was doing anything and everything, working there doing interviews, and taking pictures and I stayed with the paper that stent for 14 years. Mr. Deere bought it in the meantime, and when Mrs. Gentry left, I took over as manager and editor.” Where she remained until Mr. Deere sold the newspaper to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Galloway said “I stayed on with the Andersons’ a little while, selling ads for them, but moved on having decided to go in to nursing.”

Her midlife decision to go into nursing was met with some opposition. She first applied at WKU, and “the admissions lady told me that my ACT scores were too low, that I’d not be admitted, that I’d not make it in the program.  That’s when I looked at her when I was walking out and said ‘You watch Me!’ ” That instance proving to be all the motivation Galloway needed. Both daughters were nurses before Galloway decided to apply to nursing school and one of her daughters had just graduated Kentucky Wesleyan’s Nursing Program, so Mrs. Galloway followed in her footsteps and in 1986 earned her degree in Nursing.

“It was a little hard for me,” she admits. “I’d not studied much since graduating from High School, but I made it. My first husband at the time was working with Peabody Coal, in Ill., I went but I didn’t like it there, so when I came back to the area, I worked at Our Lady of Mercy in Owensboro second shift for 10 months.” From there she moved to Ohio County Hospital, where she ended her nursing career of 18 years, at the age of 70 and one half years. However she’s still volunteering at the Gift Shop now because, “I enjoy being there, it’s just fun to get stuff in the gift shop and put it up, we get a discount and when you have 16 great-grandchildren, it takes a lot of gifts”.

While she was manager and editor of the paper, she and her “all girl staff” of five worked on a special 100 page edition of the newspaper that year. “We all worked on it, Thursday or Friday, after the paper for the week had been published,” she said with pride. As a young reporter, she remembers working on a story that was Near Grayson County, writing about land that George Washington had owned in this area.

About doing features stories for the paper, Mrs. Galloway had this to say. “You feel honored to be chosen to do that, I think most of the people really enjoyed having a feature written about them. I ran around with my kids in the back of a VW Bug, following all the wrecks and things around the county. I’d just stuffed them all in the Volkswagen, and off we’d go”.

“I got to go with the band a lot, all three children were in the band at one point. So we followed the band, and once I found myself in the press box representing the newspaper, with then President Gerald Ford, in Shenandoah Virginia. I was always behind my kids, sometimes with a switch, but I’m proud of my girls, my son passed about seven years ago with cancer” she said.

Mrs. Galloway has traveled the world, and has the unique bragging rights of having traveled from St. Petersburg, Fla., to St. Petersburg Russia.  Some of these trips were taken with second husband Mr. Galloway. The marriage to Mr. Galloway brought along an additional 10 stepchildren and 27 grandchildren. His passing didn’t curtail Mrs. Galloway’s trips, having traveled to Tahiti, and The Cook Islands in the Pacific. Sometimes in a group and sometimes with just a travel companion, Galloway said that her favorite trip was Egypt. “I loved the Suez Canal, I loved going down the Nile, I loved the pyramids and just loved the area. If my feet would allow it, I’d still be traveling.”

She truly wants to visit Hilton Head, South Carolina, who knows, she may make it there yet.


—  Kathrine Newman Timmons,


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