Brother’s Bar-B-Que and Pathway of Hope Partner for Fundraiser


Make plans to stop by Brother’s Bar-B-Cue in Central City today until 8:00 p.m., to show your support for Pathway Of Hope. As customers came in during lunch, they were greeted by Dianna Anderson and Sandy Denny from Pathway. Along with pens and candy, the two were sharing exactly what monetary donations would cover.

Brother’s Bar-B-Que representative Josh Beatty said that the in kind donation from Brothers’ to Pathway will be: “all tips given today will be donated to Pathway of Hope. Pathway will be here through lunch and dinner and hopefully there will be a big response from the community. We had done something like this with our Madisonville store; we like partnering with other people and places in the community that need help reaching out, that’s what we are here for.”


— Kathrine Newman,


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