Shelly Hayes, mother of seven children, six under the age of eighteen is under investigation of allegations of ongoing child sexual and physical abuse in her home, over the course of several years.

Through an ongoing investigation it was alleged that Hayes’ children told her that they had been sexually abused multiple times by multiple men that she brought to the home, and continued to place them around those individuals. Hayes failed to notify law enforcement of the reported abuse. It was determined by Detectives that Hayes allowing the children to be around those men, her children have continued to be sexually abused over the course of several years. It is alleged that Hayes received payment in the form of money from one of the perpetrators; and that as long as Hayes received payment, she allowed the male to continue having access to the children.

A person of interest is also being sought by law enforcement and is believed to be outside of the county. Hayes was arrested on May 23, and criminally charged. More arrests are likely in this case, and the investigation is on going. On July 20, Hayes was indicted by the Grand Jury for the following charges:

Human Trafficking (Victim U/18 YOA)
And multiple counts of the following:
Sexual Abuse, 1st degree (Victim U/12 YOA)
Sodomy, 1st degree (Victim <12 YOA)
Rape, 1st degree (Victim <12 YOA)
Criminal Abuse, 1st degree (Victim U/12 YOA)

Currently Hayes is be held in the Ohio County Detention Center on a $250,000 cash bond.

— Kathrine Newman,



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